ijlRead() failing for JPEG Lossless

ijlRead() failing for JPEG Lossless

In one of our products, we are using the old Intel Jpeg lib for lossy decompression and its working fine. Now we want to support Jpeg Lossless decompression as well. Tried to use the same ::ijlRead(&m_jpeg,IJL_JBUFF_READPARAMS) for lossless, and its failing. Does IJL support Lossless decompression? If not, is there any equivalent function of ijlRead() in IPP?

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If you mean JPEG-LS that is an entirely different algorithm.

If you mean lossless mode of standard JPEG then you should check ipp-samples (particulary IJG) to see if perhaps that library can deal with it. Alternatives to IJL are IJG and UIC (both in ipp-samples). Other than that the only option would be to write your own decoder using IPP JPEG specific functions.

Hi All,

I am trying to read JPEG data by invoking ijlRead(jcprops, iotype) method but observed that it returns error code -5 i.e., IJL Memory Error. I am running my application in windows 2k8 64 bit machine and consuming ijl15.dll to read JPEG data. Please any one hlep me how to resolve this issue. Thanks.



Hi Asif,

We don't support IJL already for several years. Please, choose a more fresh library for JPEG read instead of IJL, or debug into IJL DLL to obtain more details about the issue. May be, you'll be able to solve the issue on your own.

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