ResizeYUV422 with (UYVY and YUY2)

ResizeYUV422 with (UYVY and YUY2)

I am attempting to resize an image and place it within a larger image (both input and output use ROI). I have no problems working with planar colorspaces (i.e. YV12). I run into an issue when I attempt to resize an image in the UYVY colorspace. It appears that the UV values are not correct and I see some slight vertical banding on the Y. The inpput image is 320x240 and the output image is 640x480. If the image is aligned on 32-bit boundries, the Step input step is 640 and the output 1280.If I use the YUY2 colorspace, the resize works perfectly. How does the ResizeYUV422 (in my case ResizeYUV422_8u_C2R) function determine if the bitstream is in UYVY or YUY2, etc...?Thanks.

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For ResizeYUV422 function, it is assuming the data format is "Y0 U0 Y1 V0" format. But UYVY format video, it is assuming the U data first: U0 Y0 V0 Y1. So this function cannot be used directly.

To resize such video, you possibly can convert the color format to plannar format, then resize the video, then convert it back if it is necessary.


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