ipp-samples 7.0.6 cl8 compile defect.

ipp-samples 7.0.6 cl8 compile defect.

I build IPP-samples with provided script. build_ia32.bat cl8
In my project I use the PostProcessing capability of decoders.
While debugging my program, that uses mpeg4_dec I encountered an issue, which I would classify as compiler error.
in file umc_mpeg4_video_decoder_cpp:237
the assignment

m_PostProcessing = pParam->pPostProcessing;

gave unexpected result. It didn't happen.
Instead of this, assignment happen to another memory area.

Looks, like compiler generates wrong offsets to class members.

I suppose, this issue is already fixed in some of patches/service packs of MSVC2005
Are you aware of thissue? Can you advice corresponding patch?

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While further investigation I found, that the structure UMC::VideoStreamInfo differs in size depending of build. command line build UMC::VideoStreamInfo is 8 bytes larger than one in IDE build.

Probably I missed some compiler option or preprocessor definition.

Problem has been solved.
The issue was simultaneous including of umc-structures.h from audio-video-codecs and speech-codecs.

The structure mentioned above in audio-video-codecs has additional field disp_clip_info.

As far as in my solution speech-codecs includes was listed prior to audio-video-codecs
structure size mismatch appeared as defect.

I think, it would be useful either keep umc-structures synchronous or separate the umc module into substaintial module, common for both audio-video-codecs and speech-codecs.

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Hi,Thank you for observation and fixing the problem by yourself)).We will look of what can be done regarding that.Regards,Sergey

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