JNI undefined symbol: __intel_cpu_indicator

JNI undefined symbol: __intel_cpu_indicator

Hi to all,in my company we have written one library which use IPP, now I'm writing one Java Applet which use this library throughJNI. I get the error in subject during libsvml.so library loading:

undefined symbol: __intel_cpu_indicator

but using "nm" tool the symbol "__intel_cpu_indicator" is present:

U __intel_cpu_indicator

and before libsvml.so I load the librarylibirc.so where the symbol is defined

000000000014e0c0 B __intel_cpu_indicator

Somebody have any suggestion about this error?Now I use the following loading order, maybe the problem is here but I tried to change it without any result:libimf.solibiomp5.solibirc.solibippcore.so.7.0libippscm7.so.7.0libippsc.so.7.0libippsm7.so.7.0libipps.so.7.0libsvml.soThanks to all,Roberto.

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