Any feedback on reinstated ippsResamplePolyphase in 7.1?

Any feedback on reinstated ippsResamplePolyphase in 7.1?

Speech recognition was removed in IPP 7.0. Thank you for your patience as we consider this from all angles. After reviewing our customer feedback, we have reached the following approach:

1. The ippsResamplePolyphase function will be considered by product planning for future releases. There is no timeline to confirm yet, but we will update you as soon as we can with our decision. You can also use DPD200267116 for your reference. For now please use this KB for an alternative solution in IPP 7.0.

2. The other speech recognition functions are also under review for future releases. Those who need these APIs from speech recognition should continue to use 6.1.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this issue. Thanks for using Intel IPP.

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ippsResamplePolyphase were reinstated in the IPP 7.1 beta. Thanks for everyone for looking at this problem:

If you have any feedback on the function usage, feel free to let us know.


I don't know how to use ippsResamplePolyphase in IPP 7.1.

Previously the function had this signature:

IppStatus ippsResamplePolyphase_32f(const IppsResamplingPolyphase_32f* pSpec, const Ipp32f* pSrc, int len, Ipp32f* pDst, Ipp64f factor, Ipp32f norm, Ipp64f* pTime, int* pOutlen);

This has been changed into

IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsResamplePolyphase_32f,(const Ipp32f *pSrc, int len,
Ipp32f *pDst, Ipp64f factor, Ipp32f norm, Ipp64f *pTime,
int *pOutlen, const IppsResamplingPolyphase_32f *pState))

Before the struct IppsResamplingPolyphase_32f (previously called spec, now changed to state) had to be allocated using ippsResamplePolyphaseInitAlloc_32f but this function is not present in the header files.

Hi Bert,

it's a misprint in the header - must be pSpec - will be fixed in the next IPP version. Instead of InitAlloc you should you a pair of ippsResamplePolyphaseGetSize and ippsResamplePolyphaseInit functions. pSpec name means that structure is constant while pState is not const (contains a temporal function state between 2 function calls). We remove all internal mallocs from IPP functions - so now it's user responsibility to provide correct memory buffer with an appropriate size (returned by GetSize function).

Regards, Igor

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