MPEG-4 Video Decoder crashes on invalid stream

MPEG-4 Video Decoder crashes on invalid stream


I'm using theMPEG-4 (part 2) videodecoder from audio-video-codecs, version 7.0.6.

We received a crash report from the Windows Error Reporting platform and after inspection of the dump file, we've found the following suspect code in mp4decvopi.c, line 564.

// skip stuffing
while (mp4_ShowBits(pInfo, 9) == 1)
mp4_FlushBits(pInfo, 9);

We were wondering if the call to mp4_ShowBits should be replaced with mp4_ShowBits9, since the access violation exception was caused by accessing the 3rd byte of the buffer. The same skip stuffing code can found somewhere else in the source code and this time, using the mp4_ShowBits9.

Note: I do not have access to the invalid stream since I've no idea who the user was :-)


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Thank you for reporting this problem and for your suggestion. We are currently reviewing the code to determine if this is an appropriate change. In the meantime,anyadditional information or inputs we could useto reproduce the problem would help.

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