Failure to Decode JPEG2000 stream

Failure to Decode JPEG2000 stream

This Kakdu encoded jpeg2000 stream cant not be decoded by UIC JPEG2000 decoderthis is 16bit image 1760x2140if you guys produce fix i would like to get it before releaseEdit:forgot to attach file :(

Downloadapplication/octet-stream mopal.dcm.j2k3.73 MB
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Thank you for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce the JPEG2K decoder error here with the image you attached.The issue has been submitted to the developer team.

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The jpeg2000 stream you attached is incorrect encoded which not match the JPEG2000 standard. Even the new Kakadu Viewer could not display it. That is not UIC JPEG2000 decoder problem.

Very interested, the Jasper and OpenJPEG could decode the incorrect encoded file (Single Tile with multi-SOT marker) you attached.

I also ran into <font color=black> jpeg 2000 decode problem </font>, without proper solution, i just left it aside. :(

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