IPP 32-bit. Is it for running on a 32-bit machine or for targeting a 32-bit machine?

IPP 32-bit. Is it for running on a 32-bit machine or for targeting a 32-bit machine?

The IPP comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.Are these for the developer's machine size or the target user's machine size?E.G. is theIPP 32-bit for developing on a 32-bit machine or for targeting a 32-bit User machine?2011@visibleWelding.com

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You select the IPP version according to the machine the application will run on and your application's memory requirements. For example, you can create a 32-bit application using the 32-bit version of IPP for a 32-bit version of Windows/Linux. Note that a 32-bit application will also run on a 64-bit version of Windows (not sure about Linux, but I'd guess yes). If your application requires access to more than 2GB of memory, then you need to create a 64-bit application that will only run on a 64-bit version of Windows/Linux.


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Hi Steve,

Thereareseveral relatedtopics about yourquestions
1) 32-bit software vs. 64bit software
2) 32-bit machine vs. 64bit machine
3) Targetmachine and developing machine.

In short, you candevelop a 32bit application software based on IPP 32-bitlibrary on any 32bit/intel 64bit developing machine, which can run on a 32-bit machine/64bit machinewithsupported OS.

more explanation,
1) 32-bit software vs. 64bit software.
As perter mentioned, It depends on your memory requirement and targeting machine.
32bit IPPlibrary isfor 32-bit software
64bitIPP library is for 64-bit software

2) 32-bit machine vs 64bit machine. (32bitsystem vs 64bit system)
Please see http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/ia-32-intelr-64-ia-64-architecture-mean/.
It has 3 configuration
32bit hardware +32bit OS
64bit hardware +32bit OS,
64bit hardware + 64bit OS.

3) Targetmachine and developing machine
In general, if your compiler support, you can developboth 32bitand64bitapplication on both 32bit or intel 64bit develeping machine.

32bit application softwarecan run on32bit-machine with 32bit OS, 64bit-machine with 32bit OS, 64bit-machine with 64bit OS which support 32bit mode.

64bit application software can only run on 64bit machine with supported 64bit OS.

(Pleasse see IPP systemrequirement at

For example, Miscrosoft Visual Studio 2008 have both 32bit and X64 configuration, you can build 32bit applicationor 64bit application on one 32-bit developingmachine. The 32bit application can run the 32-bit developing machine andsupported 64bit systems. But the 64bit application can't. you need deploy it to 64bit machine with 64bit OS.

If you have64bit machine with64bitlinux OS, the general GNUGCC shouldsupport build both 32bit application and 64bit application software.After build, both 32bit application and 64bit application can run the 64bit machine.

Soyou may consider all of them ( Processor, OS, compiler, develop machine and target machine) in together.
Another good thing is IPP provided both 32bit and 64bit with Same API.Thus you can build both 32bit and 64bit application with a suit of source code.

For example, almost of IPP samples(downloaded by going here) have supported both 32bit and 64bit.

Hope it helps
Best Regards,
Ying H.

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