About H.264 decoding quality

About H.264 decoding quality


I adopted h.264 decoding codes from UMC sample to my own code.
Please look at two images attached.

The "h264_gom.jpg" is captured from standard video player while the "h264_ipp.jpg" is captured from my app.

Can I call the problem as "blocking"?
Anyway.... let's call it "blocking".

The "h264_ipp.jpg" shows us blocking problem against the "h264_gom.jpg".
How can I correct this problem?

I use IPP version 6.

yours sincerely.....

Downloadimage/jpeg h264_gom.jpg9.58 KB
Downloadimage/jpeg h264_ipp.jpg13.45 KB
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Could you provide the stream so we can see what is the problem.

And if possible, pleasetry the latest one IPP 7.0.6.Intel IPP 7.0 Library Bug Fixes which had fixed some h.264 issues. The package can be download from

Code Samples for Intel IPP Library 7.0* .

Best Regards,

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