(Urgent) MPEG 2-TS file cannot play by Quicktime

(Urgent) MPEG 2-TS file cannot play by Quicktime

Hi Everyone,
Please help me this problem:
I'm developing a application that use UMC::MPEG2Muxer to produces mpeg2-ts files for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), but the mpeg2-ts file cannot play by Quicktime player on MAC OS, and also the HLS feature doesn't work with safari. I used the MediaStreamValidator tool to validate the playlist then i received the result: "Error (-1) segment duration is not finite". I try to use ffmpeg for mpeg2-ts muxer and the HLS worked fine, so i think there are some issues in UMC::MPEG2Muxer source code. i'm using the lastest version of Intel IPP ( The attachment is some mpeg2-ts files produced by UMC::MPEG2Muxer.

Thanks in advance!

Downloadtext/texmacs out_0.ts762.28 KB
Downloadtext/texmacs out_1.ts761.55 KB
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any suggession for my problems?

Hi,Could you attach a sample stream, produced by ffmpeg, to see the difference between them? At first site, attached streams are ok (from Windows point of view, of course).P.S. The following is a quote from Apple's technical note TN2235 (http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#technotes/tn2235/_index.html). Thus, the problem may not be in the stream.

If the Media Stream Validator tool returns any of the following errors (or any other errors not listed here) when validating your stream please file a bug report against the tool using theApple Bug Reporterand include a link to your stream in your report.

  • ERROR: Invalid media segment: The validator helper exited due to a fatal error: failed to create format reader: [errno: -12847] format reader file not recognized

  • ERROR: Invalid media segment: The validator helper exited due to a SIGABRT signal.

  • ERROR: Invalid media segment: The validator helper exited due to a fatal error: segment duration is not finite


Your attachments (desktop clips) are played well on VLC

Hi Sergey,
here some .ts file produced by ffmpeg. Yes, the .ts file produced by Intel IPP can play by any media players except Quicktime player.



Downloadtext/texmacs out_ffmpeg_0.ts912.83 KB
Downloadtext/texmacs out_ffmpeg_1.ts936.7 KB

Any suggesstion for my problems?


Hi,Could you prompt how to check if stream is ok or not on MacOS? Which tool can playback the stream?Our QuickTimes on MacOS/Windows don't read MPEG TSes. What OS/tool versions do you use?Regards,Sergey

I'm using MAC OS X Lion 10.7 version, Quicktime player version 10.1. The Quicktime player only support playback MPEG-2 ts file on MAC OS, not support on windows.



The stream itself should be fine, no obvious problem. It looks like Apple has its own specifics in transport stream support. So i'm recommend to raise the question to Apply Quicktime forum.


Hi soimattrang,

I'm currently working on converting h.264 elementary stream to .ts files for http live streaming, and I've suffered exactly the same problem as yours. When I convert the input h.264 file to .ts file using ffmpeg, everything works fine. When I convert the h.264 file with my converter, the generated ts file works well on VLC, but fails on quicktime. I used the apple's "mediastreamvalidator" to validate the stream, it reports error like: "Error (-1) segment duration is not finite". I know this is an apple know bug, and I've also reported this error to apple, but no response.

I've spent lots of time to compare the two ts files, even dig it out by bits. Drive me crazy. May I ask how did you solve this problem at last? Do you know what does the "segment duration is not finite" mean?


Hi summerlismile,

Sorry, i still haven't had any solution to solve the issue, and i've decided changed to using the ffmpeg for generate the .ts file instead of using the IPP H.264.

I also decide to use ffmpeg library to do the conversion, ffmpeg libs are more strong. Good luck.

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