Problems with h.264 encoding using the umc_video_enc sample application

Problems with h.264 encoding using the umc_video_enc sample application

I have built the sample applications in w_ipp_samples_p_7.0.5.059\\\\ipp-samples\\\\audio-video-codecs.
When I run the command line as follows, I get an output file that I can play in Windows Media Player:

umc_video_enc_con -i bridge-far_qcif.yuv -w 176 -h 144 -o out0126.mp4

However, if I run the following command line which differs only by specifying h264, it appears to work correctly, but it produces a file that I cannot play either in Windows Media Player or Quicktime:

umc_video_enc_con h264 -i bridge-far_qcif.yuv -w 176 -h 144 -o out0126.mp4

Has anyone had success using this sample application to produce files using h.264 compression that can be played on an iPad (preferrably) or in Windows Media Player? Any guidance you could provide would be most appreciated.

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I have tried the above scenario with w_ipp_samples_p. Same results.

Good day.

By default encoder uses mpeg2 codec and it encodes in raw format. Then most of players can play raw mpeg2 stream, not many of them can play raw h264 stream. You need to use mp4 muxer to crate a container around thestream.

Check this article for guidance:

Try using VLC player to play the file. VLC player can play raw H264 video with no file/stream format

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