2D Wavelet - how to find correct anchor values?

2D Wavelet - how to find correct anchor values?

I'm trying to use the 2d wavelet functions with the bior4.4 wavelet (from Matlab, values available at

In Matlab, I can get perfect reconstrution using a simple test matrix, but I get non-sensical values with IPP. I think that's due to having wrong anchor values: I'm using 0 for every anchor.

How can I deduce the correct anchor values?

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Hi Thomas,

You may refer tothe 2d wavelet sample in IPP \ipp-samples\image-processing

Download the Intel IPP Code Samples

The free Intel IPP code samples can be downloaded by going here.


Hi Ying,

the 2d wavelet sample deals only with the Daubechie, order2 wavelet. I don't quite see how I can continue from this sample.


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