IPP libraries embedded in icc libraries?

IPP libraries embedded in icc libraries?

I am profiling some IPP-optimized audio codecs.For example,y8_ippsSynthesisFilter_PQMF_MP3_32fandippsSynthPQMF_MP3_32s16sseem to be the most time consuming functions for MP3 decoding for the floating-point and integer versions, respectively. They have been linked in fromcomposer_xe_2011_sp1.7.256/ipp/lib/intel64/libippacy8.so.7.0, for example.Question:Where can I get the source code of these IPP functions?

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I don't expect the source code for these libraries to be released to us. If you want to ask detailed questions about IPP, the IPP forum would be a better choice.

Let me direct you to the IPP forum to get better support.


Yes, Intel's IPP libraryis proprietary software and the source codes are not provided to customers.

Two suggestions, 1) Run sequential version of library, 2) Make sure that you are linking with right library (processor specific).


Naveen Gv

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