10-bit video / 20-bit sound

10-bit video / 20-bit sound

Hello!Could you let me know if 8<->10 bit per sample (RGB,YUV) and 16<->20 bit per sample (PCM)conversion funtions is available in ipp set?

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You may foundsome color conversion function about RGB<->YUV in chapter image color conversion of IPP manual.
But it seems no 10bit per sample and 20bit per samplesupport in ipp set.


This is not exactly what I need. I need (for example) to convert generally applicable8-bit 4:2:2 YUV (Y0 Cb0 Y1 Cr0 Y2 Cb1 Y3 Cr1, 8 bit per each value, pixel/planar order) to 10-bit-precision form(the same Y0 Cb0 Y1 Cr0 Y2 Cb1 Y3 Cr1, but 10 bit per each value, pixel order), which is used in SDI signals (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_digital_interface). And vise versa. With dither,ideally:).Seems that this is a fairly specific task andI have to implement it myself.Thanks!

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