QtCore and IPP conflict ?

QtCore and IPP conflict ?

I have some problem.


OMP: Error #178: Function pthread_key_delete failed:

OMP: System error #22: Invalid argument

When Iexecutea codeafter compiling with IPP and QtCore Library,
Error message is printed like above.
This Error isn't happend on Fedora 9 wherecompiler vison is lower than 4.6.0.

My code is :int main(){} ///// a.cpp.
This codewas built like following:
g++ -o a a.cpp -lQtCore -lippi -L/lib -pthread.

ippiissupported by IPP7.0 and QtCore is supported by QT 4.7.
I compilea.cpp by using gcc 4.6.0 on Fedora 15.

If Iremove either QtCore or ippi, Error Message is not printed.

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