about ippiDenoiseCAST filter

about ippiDenoiseCAST filter

I wanted to get more information on the meaning of the various parameters that are passed
to the CAST filter. Is there any reference, that I can look up, of if someone can explaing them to me, that would be great too....

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I have been able to play around with the parameters, with varying results. I am specifically interested
in the effect that pHistoryWeight, and StrongEdgeThreshold has on the results. On varying these parameters,
I do not see any perceptivle change. I think I need (and the documentation needs too) a better explanation of these parameters. I really hope someone from the IPP team replies.

Also, what king of image should pSrcEdge point too? Currently I am using the output from the canny edhe detector, but the edges are very fragmented, and I am not too sure I am seeing the real effect of the edge in the denoising process. Some help here would also be a big boost to my development efforts.

Thanks for your attention,

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