Unsupported OS issue w/IPP installation.

Unsupported OS issue w/IPP installation.

Try to install IPP library in a centOS v6.0 Linux system running on a Penryn Core-2 Dual, 64 bit mode, single board system. Installation failed with an error, "unsupported OS". Please advise.

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Hi Sidney

Could you check if there are some IPP files like /opt/intel/ipp have been installed on your machine?

IPP don't support the CentOS formally. But as i knew, it should be ok to install and use IPP on CentOSsystem.


Hello, Ying:

I just checked out,


on my system and I was surprised to find a bunch of subdirectories (eg. include, bin, lib, etc). In the subdirectory, lib/intel64, there was a list of files with .a, .so and .so.7.0 extension. The files in this directory are named differently from the lib files I extracted from the tar ball. Are they the same files? Does this mean I don't need to install the IPP lib and the cryptographic lib? Can I compile the crypto sample code now?

Many thanks,

Hi Sid

Nice to know the result.i check with our startup support engineer. They confirmed,Intel softwaredoesn't support the CentOS formally,sowhy you get warning messagelike "unsupported OS". But it should be ok to install and use IPP onsystemnow.

Next step, install IPP crypto package and thencheck if the cryptographic library (cp)are inright directory.
for example, under /opt/intel/ipp/lib directory, there are libippcp*.a or .so.

libippcp.a libippdiy8.so libippru8.so libippvm.so.7
libippcpe9.so libippdiy8.so.7.0 libippru8.so.7.0 libippvm_t.a
libippcpe9.so.7.0 libippi.a libippry8.so libippvmu8.so
libippcp_l.a libippie9.so libippry8.so.7.0 libippvmu8.so
libippcpm7.so libippie9.so.7.0 libipps.a libippvmy8.so
libippcpm7.so.7.0 libippi_l.a libippsc.a libippvmy8.so
libippcpn8.so libippim7.so libippsce9.so locale
libippcpn8.so.7.0 libippim7.so.7.0 libippsce9.so.7.0 nonpic

If they are all ready, you can follow the readme of cypto sample to build the sample code.

If youwillbuild OpenSSL sample,youmayrefer to the steps in the articleBoosting OpenSSL AES Encryption with Intel IPP

Hope it helps,

Mmm... When I install the crypto IPP lib (from the l_crypto_ipp_7.0.4.220.tar file) using the extracted install.sh, this is what I got,

The Cryptography for Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 7.0 Update 4 for Linux* on Intel 64 architecture package requires the corresponding IPP core package (intel-ipp-devel-220-7.0-4.x86_64.rpm).

The Cryptography for Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 7.0 Update 4 for Linux* on IA-32 architecture package requires the corresponding IPP core package (intel-ipp-devel-220-7.0-4.i486.rpm).

Please make sure these packages have been installed and restart the installation
ERROR: Exiting ...

I suppose this means that the crypto lib install shell is looking for the IPP library installation package which I could not install due to the "unsupported OS" error. And whatever existing IPP lib in the centOS is no enough.

Seem like I'm looping here...

Hi Sid,

I see. Though IPP have been installed, the information of ipp rpm is not written to system, which is needed by Crypto install package.

A complex solution may be
1) make sureyour rpm tools works ok on your machine
2) install ipp rmp package one by one, for example
>cd l_ipp_7.0.4.220_intel64/rpms
>rpm -ivfrpm -ivf intel-ipp-common-220-7.0-4.noarch.rpm
3) then install crypto package in l_crypto_ipp_7.0.4.220/rpms

Or trya simple workaround, I have intalled the product. I can upload the library to you byprivite post. Please untar them and copy them to correspondent directory.


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