64bit question

64bit question

Dear all,

some time ago we wrote an x86application using Intel IPP. Now we would like to test this app on a 64bit platform. So we are going to recompile it with a 64bit compiler and I think that we have to use the x64 Intel IPP package to link against (we linked statically against libraries from the w_ipp_ia32_p_6.1.2.041.exe package in the original app), right?

Since we do not want to update the IPP version now, could anybody point me to the IPP installer of the same version ( for the x64 platform? Unfortunetely we did not download the x64bit installer, but only the 32bit during the development process some time ago and now we cannot find it anymore.


Best regards


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Hi Alex,

Currently IPP 7.0 is available. If you have valid license then you can access older version of product also. An evaluation user will get access to only latest version of the product.


Naveen Gv

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