YUV 4:2:2 Conversion

YUV 4:2:2 Conversion

Hi,I'd like to encode a video stream to a H264 video.The input stream is provided by a camera (yuv 4:2:2).I'm using code samples (umc_video_enc_con)I have changedchroma_format_idc to 2 in the par file but it's still not working.Does anyone know why?Thanks,

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Can the H264 encoder handle yuv 4:2:2 format or should I convert it to 4:2:0 ?


Check the readme file on the H.264 encoder (ipp-samples\audio-video-codecs\codec\h264_enc\readme.htm)

The encoder assumes that input VideoData object contains frame in YUV420 (I420 according to FOURCC.org). You need to convert the color first for the encoding.


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