64-bit issue: fail to read Jpeg

64-bit issue: fail to read Jpeg

When I am testing some projects from image-codecs sample package, I
found the small program ijgtiming fails to work for 64-bit

(it works very well for a 32 -bit application )

The program will exit at the 38th line of the source code file jcapimin.c
if (structsize != SIZEOF(struct jpeg_compress_struct))
(int) SIZEOF(struct jpeg_compress_struct), (int) structsize);

Please give me some hints how to fix this bug.


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By the way, I am using IPP 7.0

Hi tom,can you share more details about this issue? it apperes when you useijgtiming builded with Maikefiles or through Visual Studio project?by the way, try this fix in jconfig.h in line 30:change

#ifdef WIN32


#if defined (WIN32) || defined (WIN64)

Hi Tom,

Above suggestion is works for you?


Naveen Gv

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