YUV420 Forced Output

YUV420 Forced Output


When using the H264VideoDecoder::GetFrame API, and it seems the output VideoData color format is being overridden to always be YUV420 planar format regardless of the value passed into the Init function. I am passing in UMC::YUY2.

Also, when retreiving the data from the VideoData class in a composite format, should I use GetBufferPointer, GetDataPointer, or still use the GetPlanePointer API, even though this would not be a planar format?

Thank you,

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Hi Herrick,

UMC H264VideoDecoder will process YUV 420 or YV12 formats only, you
may want to perform a format conversion outside the H264VideoDecoder.


Tamer Assad

Hi Tamer,

Thank you for the clarification. I have been searching the IPP docs for conversion routines from YUV420 or YV12 to composite YUY2 (YUYV 4:2:0), is it this?

IppStatus ippiYCbCr420ToYCbCr422_8u_P2C2R()

The doc says: "The destination image pDst can be three-plane or two-channel". I assume the two-channels referred to a composite image?

This is for use on rendering on a Mac, which uses the common YUY2 as a native formet so the API must exist.
Could you clarify this for me and point me to sample code?



You can check the following file the UMC sample code:

It includes the code for different color conversion.


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