UMC Memory Allocator

UMC Memory Allocator

Hi guys could someone please explain how the UMC Memory Allocator and the Default Memory Allocator can be used to implement an external Memory Allocater (users own memory control strategy)? Is there an example of this being done?

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You right, we have no example of a pure DefaultMemoryAllocator or user applied memory control policy.

But the MPEG2 demuxer may be used as an example of such an approach.

Please look at umc_demuxer.h and umc_demuxer.cpp.

The demuxer class member m_pMemoryAllocator is a MemoryAllocator (not directly used because this is an abstract base class) used to provide user defined memory for the frame constructor.

This member will be created as a DefaultMemoryAllocator object and then used by the frame constructor.

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Thanks for your response.

Can the i_malloc package located in the advanced_usage/tools/linkage also be used to modify the memory allocation if I force the i_malloc i_calloc i_realloc and i_free to point to my implementations of alloc. Would this change the whole the IPP libraries including the NEW implementations?

If so how would I force IPP to use my alloc?

Anyone have any ideas on how to use the malloc package located in advanced_usage?

Anyone have any idea on how to use the Alloc packed located within advanced usage??

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