PCR value in MPEG 2 Transport Stream

PCR value in MPEG 2 Transport Stream

I am using the sample codecs from version 5.3. I using the MPEG2 muxer to mux a single video ES into an MPEG 2 Transport Stream. I am encoding the video ES using h.264 encoder at 2 frames per second. This causes my PCR interval to be greater than 100 ms (once per frame, 2 fps = 500 ms). Is there a way to control the PCR interval to add more PCR values than one per h.264 frame?

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Hello epolk,

Itlooks not a IPP question. May you want to improve the encoder speed or you want to change the info of PCR? Anyway,the mpeg2 muxer sourcecode is openin the sample, you may modifythem based on your need. Like the lastest sample \w_ipp-samples_p_7.0.4.054\ipp-samples\audio-video-codecs\codec\mpeg2_mux\src\umc_mpeg2_muxer.cpp

Ipp64f dReferenceClock;
if (dExactTime - m_pMPEG2MuxerParams->m_dSystemTimeDelay > m_dReferenceClock)
dReferenceClock = dExactTime - m_pMPEG2MuxerParams->m_dSystemTimeDelay;
dReferenceClock = m_dReferenceClock + 1.0 / MPEG2MUX_SYS_CLOCK_FREQ;

vm_debug_trace1(VM_DEBUG_PROGRESS, VM_STRING("Current reference clock is %.3f sec"), dReferenceClock);


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