About MPEG2 TS.

About MPEG2 TS.

Hello (yeah, it's me again),
I'm trying to make a little MPEG2 TS muxer with an AAC stream and a H264 one.>However, when I try to initialize the MPEG2 muxer by doing this:

muxerParams.m_SystemType = MPEG2_TRANSPORT_STREAM;

I have that...

error: MPEG2_TRANSPORT_STREAM was not declared in this scope

And there is the list of includes I have in my cpp file.>#include "ippcore.h"
#include "umc_structures.h"#include "vm_strings.h"
#include "umc_media_data.h"
#include "umc_video_data.h"#include "umc_data_writer.h"#include "umc_muxer.h"#include "umc_muxers.h"
#include "umc_mpeg2_muxer.h"
#include "umc_file_reader.h"#include "umc_file_writer.h"

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Is the namespace correct? try if the following can work?


That works, thanks.

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