A problem about simple_player's Command Arguments

A problem about simple_player's Command Arguments

Hi, dear all,

I encounter a problem when I want to debug the simple_player.
I set the argument at simple_player's property: Debugging->Command Arguments.
It seems that the debugger pass the argument as a char string to the main function, but the main function treats the argument as a wchar_t string. So it can't get the right content from the arguments.

My project's default character set is unicode.

Any suggestion is helpful.



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I found the cause myself.
Reference to here:


Ying H said:

"In general, _ascii is for 8bit-character and _unicode is for 16bit-characters,like Japanese, Chinese.

In the project's configuration, the non"_ascii" = unicode, it is default setting when produce MSVC project by MSVC wizard"

So just build for debug_ascii, it will be ok.

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