libiomp5md.dll not found when running ippiDemo or ippsDemo in 7.0 update 2

libiomp5md.dll not found when running ippiDemo or ippsDemo in 7.0 update 2

Hi,I just downloaded an evaluation version of IPP 7.0 update 2 and tried to run ippiDemo.exe and ippsDemo.exe. Neither didn't run and displayed a message:"This application has failed to start because libiomp5md.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem".I searched the forum and found some posts in OpenMP forun. Do I have to install other software in addition to IPP libaray? I installed to 2 PCs both running XP SP3.Thanks,--tt

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You need to add to PATH environment varaibale folder where OpenMP runtime libraries resides, for example on my system it is folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\ComposerXE-2011\redist\ia32\compiler"

Please check"C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\ComposerXE-2011\Documentation\en_US\ipp\redist.txt" file on what components can redistributed.


Thanks for the quick response! Now the demos work fine!

Hello Sir,

                   I developed a softphone. it is working on my PC but when i am running this softphone application on other PC then i getting a error so please help me any body about this issue what the exactly issue with application...

error message is as


Waiting for your valuable response .........

Thanks and Regards

Suresh Kansujiya 

Hi Suresh,

Since you application use dynamic linking to IPP libraries you need to take IPP dynamic libs to another PC along with the application executable itself.

Don't forget to take CPU architecture-specific dynamic libs also. I don't remember IPP 6.1 already:), but there could be ipps??-6.1.dll (ippsw7-6.1.dll or something similar). You should copy them too. Place dynamic libraries at the same directory as your application resides in, or use "set PATH=....." command to add path to these dynamic libraries to PATH variable so, that operating system will know where to look for dynamic libs.



I have met this problem many times. Sergey  is right, getting the path correct and installing the runtime time distributeables is a must on a delivery PC. Sometime, things don't work out as expected in which case I can strongly recommend depency walker which will tell you a lot about your application.

Ocassionaly, I have resorted to dumping ipp/mkl dlls in the same folder as the application folder. This is not quite how things should work but can help.


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