I got images that UIC decodes incorrectly...

I got images that UIC decodes incorrectly...


While I was working with jpeg2000 compressed medical images,
I met images that UIC decodes incorrectly.

While other JPEG2000 decodersuch as OpenJPEG and Leadtools codec decode them correctly (Left), picnic.exe - in ipp-sample -gave me erroneous images (Right).

I attached a j2k image file, which causes error.

Do I have any optionto get a correct image?
Or, does this image containsome limitations ofUIC jpeg2000 decoder?

Thank you!

Downloadapplication/zip uic2k_err.zip1.96 MB
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Hi ,

Can you send me original DICOM Image? Which version of IPP/sample code you are using to decode it?

As I know we have fixed an issue related to incorrect display of signed pixels (DICOM image) in the picnic application.


Naveen Gv

I have also verified that thios dicom file encoded with j2k is incorrectly decoded by IPP UIC.
It does decode correctly with Photoshop CS5.

The file is attached to the previous post.


I attach the original DICOM image.
The picnic.exe version was w_ipp-uic_p_7.0.1.041.zip.

I think the problem did notoccured in displaying, but in decoding jpeg2000;because jpeg2000 file extracted from DICOM information also produced same incorrectimage, while LEADTOOLS or OpenJPEG decoded same file correctly.

Thank you!


Downloadapplication/zip j2kerr.zip1.96 MB

The precompiled example - picnic.exe - in w_ipp-uic_p_7.0.2.048.zip works fine.
But, when I compiled uic in w_ipp-samples_p_7.0.2.048.zip, the error occured again.

However after I've updated to 'IPP 7.0 update 2' from '7.0 update 1' and compiled again, I got good images.
I think my problem seems to be located in IPP 7.0 update 1, not in uic example. (is it correct?)

Thank you.

7.0 update 2 notes say that they fixed decoding of 16bit images, (havnt looked at this image but maybe its 16bit ? )

Best Reply


Previously (7.0) non-standard termination of raw coding passes by OpenJPEG was detected as damage and it blocked further decoding.

New version (7.0 update 2) of functions are tolerant for such kind of streams and read data safely till it's possible. Please use them instead.


Thank you!

hi where can I download IPP-UIC and IPP JPEG sample code application? Frank

Hi Free0,

Let's follow in this post: https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/558952
It seems some duplicated questions.


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