Intel JPEG Library

Intel JPEG Library

Hi all,

I want to use ijl11.dll(Intel JPEG Library 1.1.6 retail version) in a commercial product.
I have googled related information and all the search results showed me that this library is no longer officially supported.
How can I get the License information?
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The Intel JPEG library (IJL) will not be updated and is no longer available for download. To download IPP 7.0 -

Also, you can see response in the forum for similar request.

To get IPP JPEG sample code -


Naveen Gv

hi Naveen Gv,

Thank you very much for your reply.
Actually, we already have several products with Intel JPEG Library embedded in. Now, we want to delivery these products to our partners. If you have some material relevant to the licenses, will you please share them with me?
Thanks a lot.
Jet Zhang

HI Jet Zhang

As long as you keep the valid license agreement from old Intel JPEG library, you can follow the guidelines for your product distributions. I found discussion on the same in IPP forum. Hope it clarifies your question.


Naveen Gv

HiNaveen Gv,

Thanks very much for your latest reply. It is helpful for me.
Best regards,
Jet Zhang

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