About ippirezise

About ippirezise

Hi there
I'm working with medical image processing,andconcerned about the quality of ippiresize function.
I compare the pDst buffer of ippirezie function with standard linear interpolation algorithm. It turns out to be a great difference, there are 30% pixels are different, and I want to kown why. Is this resize function doing some other thingsbesides interpolation.

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Can you show an example of the difference?


As i know ippiResize functions do only interpolation during resizing. Try different interpolation mode(may be IPPI_INTER_SUPER).

Which version of IPP you are using. All ippiResize* functions in ippiman.pdf and .h formats have been marked for deprecated. You have to use ippiResizeSqrPixel* intead.


Naveen Gv

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