Why i use ipp5.3 Decode this packet image is divided into two image

Why i use ipp5.3 Decode this packet image is divided into two image

I use ipp5.3 decode the packet named 46+47hu.pcap, the video display two same picture .
Actual effect is to display a picture.

Downloadapplication/cap 46_74hu.pcap59.99 MB
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who can help me?

IS THERE ANY good idea


Could you provide some more information about your problem here? It can help the users to provide the suggestion more easily?

Which sample code you are using to decode the attached file?

What is the images/video format, etc,


Hello chao
Thanks for your reply!

I used the w_ipp-samples_p_5.3.095\ipp-samples\audio-video-codecs to decode the attached file!

The images/video format is H.264.

Thanks again!


Hi Yida,
The file use pcap extension. Is the data in the pcap file package? The UMC simpleplayer does not support such package. Raw H.264 or H.264 in MP4, MPEG TS container can be played with the UMC simpler player application.

btw, IPP 5.3 is a pretty old version. When you do some test, maybe you can try the new IPP 6.1 version or the upcoming IPP 7.0


Hi Chao
Thanks for your replay, i have resoved this problem!

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