Performance on MKL and IPP

Performance on MKL and IPP

It seems IPP and MKL provide similar functions such as FFT.

For a 400x200 complex FFT, which one, MKL vs. IPP, provides better performance and accuracy? Or are they the same?

I have some computation intensive program and I am wondering whether I should go with IPP or MKL? Are they the same? MKL has information on processor as it seems it is optimized for different processors, (MKLGetVersion.Processor), does IPP have the same optimization for different processors?


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Here is a good article about Choosing a High Performance FFT - Intel MKL and Intel IPP.


Naveen Gv

Thanks for the article.
So for a 400x200 complex 2D array, is it small or mid-large size?

mid to large size

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