YUV to RGB color conversions

YUV to RGB color conversions

Ipp has several methods for YUV420 to RGB color conversions. On the other hand there are variations of YUV420 color space:BT.601 and HDTV BT.709. What is the variation of YUV420 that ipp supports. Are there any methods that support the second one, or some methods for conversion between these two variations? Thanks./Aleksandar

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Hi Aleksandar,

As of my understanding IPP CC functions are developed based on ITU recommendation 601 and 709.

This is also mentioned it in the ippcc.h(color conversion header file) and ippiman.pdf(Image and video processing manual). Referring to these two files could be useful.

Manual has got clear information about color conversion, please refer to it


Naveen Gv

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