Installing Intel IPP troubleshoot

Installing Intel IPP troubleshoot

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question.

I bought Intel Software Development Products for Mac OS* X, Education and I'm trying to install Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for Mac OS* X (Version 5.3.4). I go through the traditional steps, i.e., I download the .dmg file, double click on it, and then double click on the install file. At this point, the process seems to hang or something doesn't work. The Intel Software Setup Assistant opens, however, the screen remains completely gray (for example, the readme files, etc. don't show up in it) and I don't have the option to click continue, making it impossible for me to complete the installation.

The exact same thing happens with the Intel Math Kernel Library (Version 10.0.5). On the other hand, I was able to install the C++ and Fortran compiler and the Threading Building Blocks successfully.

I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue or has an idea for how to fix my problem.

Thank you.

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Daniel,we need to check that with Education version, because of all works fine with commercial versions.when you told about MKL, you meant the Education version aslo?--Gennady

Daniel, one more question -

What architecture
(IA32/Intel64) and what version of MAC OS are you on?

(btw - I checked with IA32, 10.5)


Thanks for the response.

Yes, MKL is also the education version.

I'm running Mac OSX 10.6.4 which I believe is Intel64 architecture. The specific chip is the 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 running on my Macbook Pro. Please let me know if there's any other information I need to provide that may help.


Ok, I've got it. This is an expected behaviour with version 5.3 on SnowLeo system.I wouls recomend you to try the latest versions (6.1) which will install and work on 10.6.4 without problem.--Gennady

Sorry, I didn't have internet for some time so I wasn't able to respond. When I go to the Intel Registration Center to download IPP, I'm not given the option to download 6.1. The latest release I can download is 5.3 with 4 being the most recent update (i.e., 5.3.4). I'm not given the option to download version 6.1.

but you can try the evaluation version and it will helps to understand if the problem there or not.and then you will think about the commersial version.--Gennady

If I go here:
there doesn't seem to be an evaluation version of IPP or MKL for Mac OS X.


Intel IPP and Intel MKL for Mac OS X are only available as a part of the Intel Compiler Professional Editions for Mac OS X. You need to download the Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for Mac OS X.

Check some more detail here:


According to,
the Intel Software Development Suite Student Edition for Mac OS* includes both Intel IPP and Intel MKL for Mac OS X. I downloaded/installed the Intel C++ and Fortran Compilers (and the Threading Building Blocks), but have been unable to install the IPP and MKL products.

Perhaps they were installed when I installed the compilers, but I'm not sure. I am offered to download these products when I go to the registration center (and I have successfully downloaded them before), but apparently not the latest versions which can be installed on my computer (running OS X version 10.6.4).

So I'm a bit unclear as to what you mean that "Intel IPP and Intel MKL for Mac OS X are only available" as part of the professional compiler editions for Mac OS X. As I have stated, I can download the IPP and MKL products just fine. I can't install them. Considering that these were included in my purchase, I hardly consider my ability to download but not install these two products satisfactory completion of Intel's end of the purchase agreement. If I am mistaken, you will need to explain to me in greater detail why. I'm guessing that even if I obtain an evaluation copy of say the C++ Compiler Professional Edition and download Intel IPP, I won't be able to use the serial number from my purchase of the Student Edition.


The new version of Intel IPP/MKL products are a part of the Intel Compiler Professional Editions for Mac OS X. When you install Intel Compiler Professional Editions for Mac OS X, Intel IPP and MKL will be installed together.

When you login into Intel registration center, you may see some old versions of standalone libraries, but if you want to install new versions, you need to install Intel Compiler Professional Editions.


In that case, everything seems fine. I wasn't sure if this was the case or not, but it sounds like I have IPP and MKL already installed from my installation of the C++ and Fortran professional compilers. Thank you.

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