Why is static link slow ?

Why is static link slow ?

Hi, I'm new to this forum.
I have a question about static link of IPP.
I made a wavelet transform program using IPP6.1.
When I built it with static link, the processing speed became slower than those with dynamic link.
Why ?
Are there any methods to keep the speed as fast as dynamic link ?

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Hi Ying,

I missed ippStaticInit().
After adding it, the speed became the same.
Thank you very much.


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Hi Koigoemoe,


When you link IPP with static library, do you call the functionippStaticInit() before call other IPP functions?

Here isIPP KB article Intel IPP - Intel IPP linkage models - quick reference guide for your referece.

If the function don't help, you mayattach one small test case which can show the problem here.


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