H.264 Encoding error (white dots on gray background)

H.264 Encoding error (white dots on gray background)

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Actually, this was already posted on this From.


This issue happens frequently in case of consecutive white backgroung in original video file. I tried it with IPP sample codes on IPP 6.1(update 5)as well as 7.0 beta environment, but I've got a same result. So, I think it's not the problem of IPP 6.1 or 7.0 library itself. I'm suspecting h.264 codec source code in IPP sample code.

When I try it with umc_video_enc_con command, with CABAC mode setting(1) in 'h264.par', the white dots with gray background disapears, but in case of CALVC mode(0), it happens again.

Is there anybody who knows what the problem is in h.264 IPP sample codes?


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I believe you may have already found the answer to this problemat the end ofthe above-mentioned forum thread, but just in case you did not, here is a direct link tothe reply that claims to solve the problem:


Hope that helps.

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