Add, Sub with Carry [ippsAdd_8u_Sfs, ippsSub_8u_ISfs]

Add, Sub with Carry [ippsAdd_8u_Sfs, ippsSub_8u_ISfs]

I could not find yet how to do Add and Sub with carry enabled.For this example, the type used is 8u:255 + 1 = 0 ::: but the result from IPP is 255 (ippsAdd_8u_Sfs)0 - 1 = 255 ::: but, again the result from IPP, is 0 (ippsSub_8u_ISfs)I am really new in IPP and up to now, I am convinced about the performance gain. But this features are really needed in my project.Any help will be welcome.Thanks

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for integer data types IPP use saturation and scaling. I would recommend you to look through IPP reference manual, section Overview, article IPP Concepts for more details.


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