1-D linear interpolation function

1-D linear interpolation function

Is there an optimized 1-D linear interpolation function (for Ipp64fc) similar to the Matlab "interp1()".

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IPP does not contain such similar function. do you have some background on the function usage? Maybe we can file one feature request for future version.



It seems there is still no such function. I'd also appreciate to have such high-performance 1-dimensional interpolation algorithms inside IPPS.

Typical usage for audio processing might be to interpolate from third-octave or other low-resolution values to full-sprectrum filters for FFT processing.

In general I think there are plenty of applications for interpolation. The beforementioned "interp1" from MATLAB is a frequently used function amongst signal processing folks.

Thanks for considering this in a future release!


Could you please have a look at the Intel MKL library which contains such routine available since the last two versions.

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