Any plans for VP8 video codec support?

Any plans for VP8 video codec support?

Hi Intel/IPP,

Are there any plans on providing new IPP functions and even a sample supporting the the VP8 video codec that has now officially been made open-source?

Such support of high-performance VP8 codec functions would be much desireable.


- Jay

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Hello Jay,

Thank you for the feedback regarding a desire to support the VP8 codec. Can you provide some input regarding the nature of your application and use of IPP? You can reply with a private post, if you prefer.


Hi Paul,

I might have been a bit bold in saying that such support is "much desireable" because I was primarily stating this on behalf of the community expecting that such support indeed would be generally desired.
That being said, we do have an interest in possibly supporting the VP8 codec but that ultimately depends on industry take-up and how widespread its penetration will be (which in my view is still uncertain). Nevertheless, we do need to be on the forefront, so getting IPP support "as early as possible" is fundemental in delivering a optimized codec implementation.

I have read that the current VP8 codec implementation does employ some SSEx optimization but I do not know at what level it is. Further optimization is likely possible.

Maybe do a poll to gauge the interest..?

- Jay


Thank you for your feedback. I tracked it into our feature request database. Our engineer is checking the license, and will review the feature when planning the future releases.



Hello Intel/IPP,
Any updates or plans to support VP8 video and Vorbis audio codecs in future IPP releases?
Thanks, ---Greg

At this time there are no plans to add additional media codecs to IPP.


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