Which way to go? Where to start?

Which way to go? Where to start?

Hey all,This question is probably been asked by any developer at thebeginningof his learning curve; and this is what I consider myself in this field. Last time I was developing anything related to image/signal processing and used C++ in general was almost 4 years ago. Things been changed...Anyways, I have decided to get back to image & signal processing (by myself for now) and I have several questions thatimmediatelycame up.I'm mainly a Mac user and I'm planning to develop on Mac as well. In general the idea is to develop several "heavy lifting" libraries (not related to application's UI), so they can be reused after by the app itself.1. How complicated will be to port libraries (or any other code) to different platform?2. If anybody have any experience working on Mac with IPP, what tools can be suggested? Is there anything moreconvenientthan xCode?3. I will need to create a minimal UI, mainly for testing purposes. Which one of the frameworks is easier and faster to learn: Carbon or Cocoa? Does it affect the fact of IPP usage (probably not, but what is more convenient?)And any other suggestion for a beginner like myself will help!Thanks a lot.A.

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Hi Alex,

I am not familiar with Mac UI frame works. Maybe some other users can provide some suggestion.

Regarding some IPP questions here:

The difficulty of port code to different platform actually depends on how much the code has platforms depend code ( OS dependent APIs, different threading methods at different platform, etc). IPP provides the same APIs for platforms, so it makes the users easier to port the code.

IPP provide the level functions, and it does not depend on the frameworks UI you will choose.

To link or use IPP at MacOS, you can check this articles:




Any suggestion for what framework to use for UI (Cocoa or Carbon)?Thanks.

Hello Alex,

IPP doesn't care about the user interface, so you should use whichever UI tools or framework suits your tastes and needs. Won't matter as far as the IPP library is concerned.

I believe the only samples that have a GUI associated with them that runs on Linux and/or Mac use a tool called Qt, which isn't a recommendation, just a useful bit of information.


Another question I had:As far as I can understand a lot or some of the functionality that IPP provides may be found in OpenGL (for example), isn't it?Well, first of all, is that correct?And, if I am using OpenGL libs, is IPP can be helpful? or it's simply faster? or may be I don't really understand what I'm talking about :)

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OpenGL and IPP are different libraries with their functionality. OpenGL are focusing on the graphic computation. While IPP provides extensive function on image processing, single processing etc. Some small matrix computation function in IPP may be used in some graphic computation. IPP take advantage on CPU optimization, while the OpenGL implementation may use the graphics card feature.



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