How to render a video for simple player

How to render a video for simple player


I have a H264 compession raw video sream file. I want or reander it in Simple player but didn't work.

For DirextX(-vdx):

Video Render : DX

-RenderFormat: YV12

Stream Type : H264PV

Video Info :

-Video Type : H264

-Resolution : 704x480

-Frame Rate : 30.00

DecRate:257.18 fps(Dec 2.98ms/f + Conv 0.90ms/f = 3.89ms/f) RndrRate 0.00fps Aud io Dec 0.00chnls

And then Bloacked.

For GDI(-vgdi):

Video Render : NULL
Not image displayed.

Could you tell me what the problem?

Best regards,

Daniel wang

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We do support H.264 compression/decompression in IPP, do not support H.265


Sorry, it's my mistake.I meansH264 not H265.

Best regards,

Daniel wang

I have sovle the problm DX rendeting didn't work in Vista.

The problem is caused by Desktop Window Manager, which is responsible for compositing under Vista.It expects applications to draw themselves into an off-screen surface.

Do you ahve a solution for this problem? I have not been able to get the DX renderer to work under Vista or Win7.


You should disable Aero, to do that choose the basic theme.

Well, that did get some video in the window, but it was very slow (6 fps) - my bitblt solution is faster.

Now that we know the theme has an inpact on this, does anyone from Intel have a suggestion? I know I'm not the only one whose bumped into UMC DX render problems under Vista/Win7.


I tracked down this problem on Win7, and it seems to be the function "UpdateOverlay" which returnes "DDERR_OUTOFCAPS". This is a known problem with Aero as discussed here. There you can find some solution, although I did not have time to try it. I am working on a OpenGl based (better say OpenSceneGraph based) video renderer so I did not dig deeper.

But I did not find the issue of slow fps! That is something I also would like to know more about


Yes, the "DDERR_OUTOFCAPS" problem persists.The simplest solution is to write line 538 of the dx_drv.c file as :

hRes = overlay->UpdateOverlay(&src, drv->dd_srf_primary,dst, show_cmd, 0); if (DDERR_OUTOFCAPS == hRes) { HDC dc; hRes = drv->dd_srf_primary->GetDC(&dc); hRes = overlay->UpdateOverlay(&src, drv->dd_srf_primary, dst, show_cmd, 0); drv->dd_srf_primary->ReleaseDC(dc); }For the DX render you'll get a message about color scheme changing but everything will be the same after program ends. No messages for BLT render.The DX and BLT renders will work fine with these changes.I can't seen slow fps with DX and BLT

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