How long must I wait for IPP crypto libraries?

How long must I wait for IPP crypto libraries?

Intel support instructed me to post the following issue here in the forum. Apologies if it's out of place:

I've submitted three requests for access to the IPP crypto libraries, the first a week ago and the third just now. I have not been contacted by Intel with the download information, nor with any explanation for the delay.

I updated our IPP license specifically to get the crypto primitives, so this delay is very frustrating for me.

Please email me the link to download the IPP crypto libraries ASAP.


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sorry for inconvenience. I will ping appropriate people, so someone will be contected with you.


Hello Najaf,

Try going here:

click "file download," and then look for "cryptography for Intel 6.1," and you should then find the crypto files for download. It's confusing, but this is where they are distributed.

You'll have to log in using your premier account.


I too have filled out the "Controlled Product Access Request" form at:
...but have not heard a reply; that was > 3 days ago.
I logged in and looked at the list of products here:
...but the only thing listed is "Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives for Linux*"

Just a quick update on this thread.  Chuck has access.  In nearly all cases registrations are processed within a few days.   If it takes longer for a reply it is usually sufficient to just re-submit your registration. 

For more information on how to get IPP cryptography libraries please see

Please let us know if you experience any delays via this forum or Intel Premier Support.

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