About IPP and openCV

About IPP and openCV

First of all, sorry if i posted on the wrong forum. I'm working on KLT atm. Currently my whole application is based on openCV 2.0.

I saw on openCV 1.0 cvCalcOpticalFlowPyrLK that a IPPI_CALL( icvCalcOpticalFlowPyrLK_8uC1R ..... ) was being called. IsicvCalcOpticalFlowPyrLK_8uC1R a IPP API??

are those APIs with icv prefix from IPP??
Currently i'm using IPP 6.1. The only available API is ippiOpticalFlowPyrLK_(...)

My intention was to integrate optical flow of ippi into openCV 2.0.

Many thanks!!

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You are posted in the right forum, this forum specifically for IPP questions/discussions.

As I know Icv prefix is for for internal functions in OpenCv.

ippiOpticalFlowPyrLK is a right functions to calculates optical flow for the set of feature points using the pyramidal Lucas-Kanade algorithm. For more information about parameter for this function refer to,


Also, there is an example to demonstrate usage of this functions.

If you are intent to use IPP functions from your application, OpenCV provides a transparent user interface to the Intel IPP by automatically loading the Intel IPP libraries at runtime. For more information



Naveen Gv

Thanks Naveen for the prompt reply. FYI, i'm using OpenCV 2.0. I've already read the webby u provided sometime ago. If i'm not wrong its not applicable to OpenCV 2.0 as there's no path forOpenCV\cxcore\src\cxswitcher.cpp nor the file cxswitcher.cpp.

Anyway thanks for the reply.

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