Why is IPP not available separately for the Mac?

Why is IPP not available separately for the Mac?

I have already bought IPP for Windows. Why do I have to purchase the C++ compiler, when I only want IPP for Mac OSX?

My project has some Objective C GUI stuff. Will I need to compile the parts that use IPP with the Intel C++ compiler and the GUI stuff with XCode/gcc? Will this cause me any linking problems?

Apologies for asking too many questions at once.

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Intel IPP for Mac OS* X is available with professional edition of compiler only.


Below article will help you to understand more information on using Intel IPP 6.x with Intel C++ Compiler 11.x and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 4.0 in Xcode 2.4/3.0 and on the command line.



Naveen Gv

Hi Naveen,

Thanks for the info. I have read the article on linking, but wondered why, if you can use gcc, you need the Intel compiler as well.



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