H.264 - incomplete images

H.264 - incomplete images

I keep using IPP 5.3 with h264_dec sample.
The specific of my work is that the input h264 coded stream is already split by frames.
So, I feed one compressed frame, and receive dalayed by 4-16 frame.

On most sources this works correctly.
However, on provided file,1._02.264 I see another behaviour:
The first I-frame appears after second frame has been commited to decoder.
Second frame is also 1 frame delayed.
3-rd to 13-th frames appears also in 1-frame depth queue, however, there are incomplete.
They look as differential.

Looks like, an internal queue state machine defect.
Who can help me to make H264 decoder to work same on this file same way as on the rest of sources?


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IPP 5.3 was release last year. You can check the latest IPP 6.1 release, which fixed a few of the problems.
For the frame delay, there was a discussion about this problem:
Can the fix in the #5 work for you?


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