A simple IPP replacement for some CRT functions

A simple IPP replacement for some CRT functions


In order to have a quick start and take advantage of IPP on all my applications, I've written a simple header that implements the main CRT functionsand translates them into IPP calls. Using it with an existing application is easy since the parameters are designed tobe the same as the CRT's. I measured gains in performancefrom 20% to 40%when compared to CRT.

Currently, I've added replacements for memcpy, memcmp, memset, memmove, ZeroMemory and strlen. The source codeis inpublic domain. It's using the static libs by default but can be adapted to use the DLLs. The functions are name Ippx*and can be #defined to replace the default CRT functions if you want.

It's an easy and straight-forward start for people new to IPP and the performance improvements on your existing code come for free.

Downloadtext/x-chdr ippx.h3.07 KB
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Hi Ricardo,

thank you for valuable contribution to IPP Developers Community!


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