AAC encoder -- Seg Fault on second time GetFrame is called.

AAC encoder -- Seg Fault on second time GetFrame is called.

I am using IPP sample code I compliled all the libraries and use them in my project.
I am running on linux Ubuntu.

Here are my Aac Params:

aacParams.m_info_in.sample_frequency = 48000;
aacParams.m_info_in.channels = 2;
aacParams.m_info_in.bitPerSample = 16;

aacParams.numThreads = iThreads;
aacParams.level = NULL;
aacParams.audioObjectType = AOT_AAC_LC;
aacParams.auxAudioObjectType = AOT_UNDEF;

aacParams.stereo_mode = UMC_AAC_LR_STEREO;
aacParams.ns_mode = 1;
aacParams.outputFormat = UMC_AAC_ADTS;

aacParams.m_info_out.bitrate = bRate;
aacParams.m_info_out.stream_type = UMC::AAC_MPEG4_STREAM;
aacParams.m_info_out.stream_subtype = UMC::AAC_LC_PROFILE;

the ecoder Initializes OK, encodes the first suggested Input size (4096) ok. it returns 19-20 bytes.
I reset DataIn and DataOut for next 4096 bytes and it get a Segmentation Fault in the GetFrame() call.

I have changed the parameter settings, have changed the buffer sizes to be to big, I don't know what to try next.
I have another encoder H264 which works just fine, the code is very similar to the aac encoder.

btw- I did have this working fine in windows, not sure what changed, my code, IPP libraries, sample code, ????

has anyone run into the same problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time

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I finally got this thing to work. I used aac_enc_int library and include files instead of aac_enc library and includes.
Not sure why one works and the other does not..

Can anyone tell me what the difference is?

Hello Phil,

I've submitted your question to engineering. Will post a reply when it becomes available.



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