A question about UMC::MediaData and UMC::MPEG4VideoDecoder

A question about UMC::MediaData and UMC::MPEG4VideoDecoder


There is a sentence in UMC manual in MPEG4VideoDecoder section (page 4-613) which indicate that: "Motion vectors and quantized DCT coefficients are extracted from input UMC::MediaData in VLD block." but there is no structure, enumerator, method in UMC::MediaData class that store or represent MVs and DCT coeffs. Could you please tell me if it is possible to access these info in MPEG4 decoder (decoding process) through UMC interface?

Thanks in advance.

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Isnt there anyone who can help me!?


The "MediaData" in the page 4-613 is input data (encoded data). It does not store the motion vectors or DCT. The high level interface in UMC only provide the video data on each decoded video frame (by GetFrame() methord ).
I think youneed to look at the internal MPEG4 decoder process to get these data. You can check mp4decvopb.c/mp4decvopi.c/mp4decvopp.c/mp4decvop.c files in MP4 deocder class. It looks that it needs to know the details of the MPEG4 decoding to change these code.


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