H.264 interlaced

H.264 interlaced

I got IPP and IPP-samples
Built simple_player application and ran it with attached file.

I expected to see video with resolution 704x576, but got 704x288 with flicking
I imagine, that there is kind of interlacing which is one of ways to save bitrate.

In sources I found an parameter, which switches decoder into interlaced mode.
UMC::VideoStreamInfo::interlace_type = UMC::INTERLEAVED_TOP_FIELD_FIRST;

I forced decoder to work in interlaced mode manually, but it didn't help.
Does this capability really work?
Is it implemented yet?

Thank you.


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Hi Yaroslav,

Have you tried the video with other codecs? I decoded with FFMPEG. I also saw the flicking
video. Is this expected?


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