About Larrabee support for realistic rendering domain

About Larrabee support for realistic rendering domain

I would like to ask if the realistic rendering domain will support Larrabee in the future?

  • If yes (I think it should) how seamless the integration will be?
  • What is the expected perforamance gain?
  • Will the rendering domain support texture filtering functions ? Will they be Larrabee optimized (running on hardware?)

    Any toughts or plans on this?
    I'm trying to decide to develop a renderer based on IPP or my own code, and Larabee seems to be promising in this aspect.

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we are working on IPPsupport for Larrabee architecture. It is a bit early to talk about balance between hardwareor software implementations of some functions (for example texture filtering), possible performance gain and how easy it will be to integrate into your particular application. Please stay tuned.


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