IPP Library in Ray Tracing on PXA

IPP Library in Ray Tracing on PXA

Hello I'm Aram.

My reserach focus is Ray tracing on mobile devices.

Today I have some information.
->that's IPP Lib included Ray Tracing and Kd Tree Source code.

because I have some question.

I have mobile device ( PXA 310, PXA 255).
I want to use IPP this one.
That's possible?

I think PXA 3xx series is not support in INTEL.

If IPP have support by Ray tracing.
Then, What is the plaform OS(Windows mobile or justPC)?

I want to use SSE computing on PXA series.
I development environment is Windows Mobile 6.
If My Mobile CPU is PXA255. it's possible?

Thank you.

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